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Girl in Bomber Jacket with Gem

March 19, 2016

I adore anything gem related accessories plus gold + silver. I was feeling kind of boyish on Thursday so that i decided to wear the plaid bomber jacket paired with ribbed light sweater. Shanghai's weather is super unpredictable that sometimes when you are ready to dress in a spring mode, it literally changed to never-ending-winter mode. It is kind of hard when i wanted to get rid of all the heavy jackets. But at least you get some spring spirit in the field outside the school. 

This morning we went to InterTextile Exhibition Shanghai, located in East Xujing (end of line 2). It was super crowded in the metro, where i guess everyone was going to the exhibition. Huge place, varioous different brands and factories. It was such an opportunity to go there, where you can register online for free and you get to meet the people who is expert in their field. We went there for assignments, otherwise i don't think i will go there just to see the exhibition because the time matter. 

Windy, gloomy, and humid explain Shanghai a lot. That's why when i wore the slit ribbed sweater in  thin plaid bomber jacket my friends were like "Are you not cold?" and i was like "Nahh, i am starting to get used to Shanghai weather". 1 year and a half is a good adaptation time range, i guess. 

I like having something pops up in my outfit, either accessories, outerwear, or even bags. But this shoot i tried to focus on the plaid bomber jacket and gem necklace. I got crazy last Tuesday, doing shopping spree from H&M and Forever21. But for accessories, Forever 21 is my love <3. Almost every accessories there are my favorites ! Even though it's cheap, but not cheaper compared to the one in Jakarta, but well at least I got them !!

Accessories - Forever 21
Plaid Bomber Jacket - Stradivarius
Back Slit Ribbed Sweater - Pull & Bear
Leather pants - Forever 21
Slip On - Zara

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