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Another Hint of Dark Colors

March 1, 2016

Finally reunited with my lovely bae and the first thing we did after church was : TAKING PHOTOS.

The Shanghai weather was really nice, sunny and no breezy wind that i felt kind of hot and once i thought i wear the wrong outfit. People were chilling on the park, either reading books, listening to music, or even just taking photos like us. Yet in the middle of the shoot there was a guy that acted very weird and suddenly joined me when my friend was about to take photo of me, he was opening using his vest as the "object" of the picture and that's pretty weird. 

Luckily, the photo did not turn out so well that i decided to delete it. Well we spent about like an hour or more just to have nice decent photos and for me i am making a video so wait for it soon guys xxx. It's gonna be a mix vlog and outfit that i am wearing. Not sure how it will turns out but let's see!!

and i can't thank more to my multi talent bae that borrow me her sunglasses because it was too sunny & super hard for me to keep my eyes wide open in such weather. After the shoots, we went to grab some late lunch in the Food Republic, Metro City. We were planning to get a portion of fried baozi at the beginning yet the plan did not go so well after we saw how huge the portion were. I did not even finish it but it was nice, i wish i could bring the leftovers home. Mine was beef fried rice and Jessica's was beef fried noodle. Probably next week we should really buy the fried baozi that we've been planning for. I just realized we were so into fried things, yet it's bad for your health guys :").

Fried things never go wrong.

Here are some shoots of today and the details of outfit will be just here...

Shirt - GU
Outwear - Bershka
Pants - Pull & Bear
Bag - Michael Kors
Boots - Forever21
Sunglasses ( Jess') - Rayban

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If only you realized that my last year post about Spring Came To Me background was literally the same since it is the same place. I never planned for this though but its kind of dejavu and yeah probably my heart just attracted to this side of place anytime near Spring season :p

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