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March 21, 2016

Friday used to be the best part of the week when you don't have class till 6 pm in the evening. When i was preparing for the outfit, i did not think of this outfit at all, but after scanning through my closet i decided to wear this black and blue combo. Well at first i was aiming for the shoes, because i know i am going to teach a girl in Pudong and it takes me forever to go there from my school (well technically 1.5 hour by metro + walking time). And then i figured it out i am not going there with heels so i picked this suede high boots with no heels at all that saved my feet.

The morning class was OK, and then we had 2 hours lunch but then the photos were taken like 10 min before class, so that i did not do that much poses and it was like a quick wind wooooshh and we're done. The little black dress is very comfortable, even though its short and fitted, but it did not disturb me from doing activities. 

Photos were taken just beside the school, where they have some rustic fences and weird wire cable shape. The sharp background just contradicts my outfit theme, where its very sweet romantic and feminine, but that's what makes a great photo (haha, as one of my lecturer always said : you need balance, or you need something to pop up).

And just to inform once again is i am currently in the making of March Lookbook, soo i hope you guys would enjoy it cause i work pretty hard on this one (finger crossed).

PS : next week i am travelling to another city! Can guess where that is??

Little Black Dress - H&M
Blue Blazer - Stradivarius
Necklace - Forever 21
Black Suede Boots - GU

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