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Skater Leather x Ceramics Ponds

December 22, 2015

Yellow flower is now kinda my thing.

These photos were taken in November, yet i was quite busy with my school lately (which apparently still somehow struggling with the assignments) but i love the pressure !

Going to Jing'an Park was because i had to attend some Indonesian events to promote in terms of the tourism, where foreigners (esp Chinese as the target visit Indonesia)

The event was somehow fun, and very interactive. It was a 2-days event, and the one i went was on the first day. There were Indonesian foods, batik, craftsmanship, and traditional dances from Indonesians. 

The event starts at 11-4, and in the middle of the event, i sneaked down to the park and managed to took some of these snaps with a help from friends :)

I am heavily in love with the Leather Jacket, which could be considered as the present from mom (Thanks mom :* ) and the inspiration of my outfit just came like 15 minutes before i decided to go, so unplanning was the best in this case. Got the washed yellow skirt from my friend, and believe it or not, this was my first time wearing the skirt,

In fact, i have tons of outfits, which the price tags are still beautifully hang in the clothes. And other random thing that i would like you to know is: people did not even recognize that i dyed my hair before. They just noticed when i curled my hair and most of them said "did you do anything with your hair?" And i was like saying all the time, "it was always been like this since i came here from summer holiday" "oh really? we did not see it coz your hair was not curl before, but it suits you so much, i like it" 

Well, seems that i have to curl my hair every time i am going out so they noticed :p

PS : please forgive my awful looking photos, will try better next time. The details of what i'm wearing will be down below at the end of the post

Au revoir !

Leather Jacket - ZARA
Plaid Shirt - GU
Skater Skirt - gift
Black Boots - GU
Jakarta Tote Bag - Kamalika Art Prints

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