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Dessert x 2

July 20, 2015
Hola    !
Since our country was celebrating hari raya for the 17-18 July, I wish u all have a happy holiday, yes??
On the 18th , me and mom went to Central Park coz I need Hong Tang !! yess I’ve been wanting them since I was in Shanghai and it was my favorite dessert coz it has matcha ice cream (yum). I chose the menu with the ice cream, pearl, grass jelly, some q-ball and shaved ice. It tasted like heaven and I enjoyed every single of it that came into my mouth J
While mom chose others with zimi, I think it taste amazing to but I prefer mine to be the best haha
After, we went to see some stuff from +Zara (Fanpage) , +MANGO  , +New Look  , +Bershka Profile  , +Stradivarius  ,  and I was in love with a leather jacket from Zara and I bought it <3 nbsp="">
Not enough with one dessert, I went to +Sour Sally to try their new Black Sakura yogurt, well actually it was a long time ago, but you know I was not here till June. I chose the large size and it cost about 64k IDR (with tax 10%) and u can choose 3 toppings, and I chose peach, strawberry and mango. The taste was amazing, its like yogurt but there is something different about the texture apart from its black color, and it was fun to play with it when your tongue turned black together with your teeth and u just show it haha.

Ps : im having new hair here and what u guys think ?? tell me what u think down below J

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