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May 26, 2015

On Saturday, me and my friend decided to go to Raffles City, then East Nanjing. The very first purpose was to visit Kate Spade coz we're doing a project for marcom, and we chose Kate Spade as our brand. We were gonna look around, the products, and maybe ask about the promotion and stuff, but there was like quite a sale making everyone wants to enter the shop, lucky for us we did not have to wait long time and then we entered the shop.

I tried this stripes and the trousers, suddenly i fell for them, i love the color, love the combination and it fits my size very well, as they were the last piece that i could find. But somehow, i did not buy it, yeah coz i've got some other things more important than that lol.

We felt hungry then went downstairs to find some snacks to eat, but the Awfully Chocolate seemed super awfully awesome, but bcoz the lack of space and our lack of time, we did not give it a shot. (yeap mb next time), ended up buying potato with cheese for me, and takoyaki with bacon and cheese for my friend. They were super delicious and then we bought another snack and i honestly do not know how to call it, but it was kind of waffles and taste yummmmm...

Next thing, we walked to East Nanjing, yess to shop till drop. haha no jk, it was just my expression. but the truth is we left the last shop, which was Forever21 and 11.25 pm. Yeah well, maybe the expression was right for this time... We visited almost every store there like +Zara Home , +Bershka Profile , +I LOVE PULL & BEAR , +H&M , and +Forever 21 . I felt super sorry coz i bought 6 new dresses :'), but love em all! that's why i could not stand seeing nice dresses just hanging there...

But, in the middle of the road we managed to take some shoots, selfies and here we go !!

Super love with this +kate spade new york 

Outer - +Old Navy 
White shirt - +Banana Republic 
Shorts - +MANGO 
Boots - +New Look 
Backpack - +New Look 
Owl necklace - +Forever 21 

Photo by : Me and Nabila

PS : Video diary soon updated :)

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Shaira Manalo said...

Wow, what a fun gala and bonding that was! <3 Great pictures!

Have a great day!


sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Ah... its such a great trip! yummie food and great shopping I bet!

Sidney said...

Yeah it was , had crazy yet fun time , and thank you :)

Have great day too for you!


Sidney said...

Yeah you should try this sometime !!
super nice


Unknown said...

That food looks sooooo good. I wish I had some. Also, good choice picking Kate Spade, that's like my favorite brand


Constance Murphy said...

Everything looks delicious and I love the outfit with the shorts and parka, you look amazing Sidney! Looks like you had a great Saturday!

Now That's Chic said...

Love the striped shirt! Lovely photos!


Sidney said...

yeah it was some sort of our guilty pleasure, and that makes two of us ;)

Sidney S

Sidney said...

thank you Mischelle and yours are too <3