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Kissed by the sun

May 20, 2015

Yesterday was super short day since I only had exam at 1 and finished it about 1 hour later , then me and my friend took some walk around school and went buy Starbucks ! 
P.s : this summer berry panacotta was amazing and I recommend this so badly. Since its fresh and sweet like blueberry with panacotta as the base of the drink , yum!! But idk if they have it outside China, though 

Anyways , we went to the park in our compound and took lots of selfies and candids, but it was super fun yet ridiculously real coz we tried some of unique poses and sometimes we failed in producing nice photos. Luckily, my friend's such a photographer and stylist, she managed to tell me what to do while taking the shoots and the results were amazing #luckyme
Here i have some selfies of me and the talented One !! :)

And at the end i couldnt wait for my holiday finally meeting my family #homesick 

Cutout shirt - Moora Lavoro
Trousers - Old Navy
Black satchel bag - H&M
Black white heels - Forever 21


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Now That's Chic said...

You look lovely!


Sidney said...

Thank you !
you look pretty as well :)