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Myriad people won't stop us from having fun

March 4, 2015

First thing to do was dressing my mom so that she could go out peacefully. By peacefully meaning = warm enough to fight the unpredictable wind and temperature. Going to Yu Yuan Garden was our mission from the first place, but knowing that the place would be full with enormous people, 2nd day of CNY would be much more comfortable for us. But unfortunately, there still myriad people around the venue and I believed it would’ve been inevitably crowded for the rest of the day.  We managed to go in and apparently got stuck without a chance of getting out immediately, since lots and lots of people trying to get in from the direction in which we got in, but thankfully the police officers and team made them into one-way in and out. After we stopped by into some of the souvenir shops, we decided to eat ice cream! Yes despite the fact that it was super cold, we still need ice cream somehow instead of dumpling soups. Anyway, after had our break, we spotted this super cute baby with the pinky cheeks. OMG I was startled in a joy way, plus I couldn’t stop starring and smiling with him. And his granpa was very cooperative that I wanted to take video of him <3. I just wish I could take him with me haha. Without waiting for another minute, we took the queue to enter Yu Garden, which was a tiring queue, but that didn’t stop us from standing in line. At the place, we had no idea about the venue although there was some kind of direction to each “temple”, or shop, or some fountains. The most interesting thing to do was just walk wherever we feel like walking, it wouldn’t bring us to a completely different place though. Aside from the fact that it was raining, and both of our phones were dying, we took a really good care by just using them for taking photos, period. When the time was enough according to us for taking photos, we decided to move and find some place to eat. With the fact that it was raining, eating wonton noodle would be a perfect choice for us after a long tiring day. So we headed to Henderson Metropolitan at Nanjiing Dong Lu. Somehow, our next destination was IKEA, either I wanted my mom to feel how does it like in IKEA or I want to eat there and shop some appliances :p. Don’t judge, but apparently we ate “again”, seems the noodle weren’t enough. I am really in love with the matcha red bean cheesecake by IKEA, and it was my first time trying the meatball, which I love especially the jam. After filling our tummy again, we bought some aromatic candles, spice jar, wine glass, napkin, and a cute panda doll, which every purchase of the doll and 1 euro will be donated to the NGO ☺. Then we stopped by to the market where they sell food, and we bought the chocolates and frozen salmon (my mom promised cooking for me).  Not feeling satisfied, we ate another ice cream as the dessert and our fuel to go home, even though we went by taxi :D,, but it was a lovely day with my mom, ignoring the fact that my feet hurts like heaven :’) 

lovely ring from Forever 21

White coat - Old Navy
pink scarf - KENZO
sweater - uniqlo
white shirt - ZARA
pantes - New Look
black boots - New Look
umbrella - Mango
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