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14 - 2 - 2015

February 23, 2015
the most-waited events for couples finally arrived~ yes Valentine's Day. considering I am currently alone, for both my status and coordinate *laughs*. But anyway, I took some photos in the morning cause I am excited but I would really love to spend my time with my family :( so I tried to send my love from Shanghai to Jakarta ❤️ . When I looked outside the window I realized that it was a good day to take a walk or maybe strolling somewhere but staying home, so I decided to go strolling despite the cold temperature. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing pretty cold and my first stop was South Shaanxi Road in IAPM. watching all the huge but somehow still looked cute Valentine's decoration. Why? because they were mushrooms... on vals day... it would make more sense if the decoration were some kind of hearts or whatsoever.. Then I kept going whichever way my foot led me, and we ended up in Daiso, so I decided to buy some papers and folders just in case for next term. then I went to H&M just to look around and kill time, but suddenly my eyes catched the lace stockings on the corner side and that's how I fail not to shop :'). I kept walking till I passed by about 3 MRT station and ended up buying these cakes + blueberry cheese bread, and have I mentioned that I love cheese ? 

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Unknown said...

I would FREAK if I was trapped like that, but sound like a lovely outing. You two are so cute! (:

♥ | | xoxo