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Productive day started from drizzles

January 15, 2015

This is the first actual shoots that I did in my new apartment since I am studying abroad now and it feels weird when you are alone knowing all your roommates going back for the winter break while me , staying here. Just for the records : it is freezing in my room and no wonder I am wearing beanie inside ;)  and I love my boots haha. That was what I got when went shopping in a rush hour and emergency because you need to go to a Fashion-School Christmas Party in a club
Plus I am sad because my hair color faded like after 1 month I dyed them when they said it was supposed to lasts about 3 months, more less and I guess it's less.
It was a rainy-8 degrees with lots of wind rolling from nowhere and here I was, taking some snaps about the outfit since I am having these more than 2 months winter break, and I guess I will be posting more on my blog , to be more productive writing than doing nothing.
The poses I did was just came naturally and I just acted spontaneously, and sometimes I got nervous even when I did it with a self-timer. I guess I expressed better with the camera without the photographer, didn't i ??
While searching and browsing for some new wardrobe collections since I will enter the new semester of collage in March, meaning =spring, I found a fashionable website that sells tons of the latest and the hottest items of the season , especially for the blouses in Zalora's blouse collections . This website has loads of collections that will make the users as the center of attention to whatever occasions.
Thought you guys might need references of website that serves you best both price and quality at @ZaloraID.
I can't wait to share my other experiences and activities that I couldn't post in time because the assignments and the studying hours was epic. But I'm glad that I took the subject that I love. Stay tuned to know more and be prepared for some amazing posts .

White beanie - +Forever 21 
Top - @MooraLavoro
Black pants - +Forever 21 
Black boots - +H&M 

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I love the simplicity on this post :>


Sidney said...

Thank you Maiko :)

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