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October 21st 2014 - Let us be your volunteers

January 10, 2015
After a long tiring day doing the HR exam, I went directly to apartment to change fast and make up and Soo on and went straight to Xintiandi, where it all started :p . #kidding 
That is where IFA Media Show and me + friends took part to be the "honorable" volunteers to do things like Distributing tickets, welcoming reception for VIPS, leading guests to the lounge-seating area-media room-after party
And my duty was leading the VIPs to their seats, I was nervous at first remembering all of the VIPs are very important but, I took it easy and manage to do the exhale-inhale things :)) . Then I had the number from 9-22 which mean I should handle guests with those numbers and making sure that they got their comfy place and goody bags safe and sound. 
I got the lists of guests but it turned out some of the names weren't match with the guests and some of them kinda pissed off because they thought they should be on the lists but , mistakes happens no? 
When it was about time the show started, most of the VIP had their seats and the person in charge told me to have a seat wherever the seats is empty because the show was about to start. Without any doubt, I took the front row since some of them were still empty and lucky me, o had the best vision compared to anyone behind my back. 
I didn't really take much picture since I recorded them and looked better anyway with the music and all those movements, the expression, the struggles with the heels and the clothes.
After the show it was a must for us to take photos with all the black outfits + pink scarf (kind of our uniforms) n

Little black velvet dress - Mango
Scarf - kenzo
Heels - forever21
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