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Masquerade ball mask inspired by 17th and 18th century

January 7, 2015
This was literally the most frustrating work, since I was not motivated at all to design such things, that's why I chose marketing. But I just couldn't resist the reality when your fashion contemporary history lecturer asked the class to make a mask inspired by the 17th and 18th century. And what popped inside my head was masquerade. 
At first I didn't really care but eventually I started to think and find every inspiration that I could. My most favs are always tumble and Pinterest. I decided to made the color focus with blue , white and a little bit of silver which make everything look glamorous instantly. 
The "hunt" began from Shanghai Tan near yuyuan garden which I found the feathers and some beads. Then the journey end in Fuzhou where I found the mask. All I need to do first was to draw the pattern and just fill it with glue and pour the glitter and that's it ! 
But the truth is it took much more time than I realized.... And turned out to have my place all over covered with glitter, which is why I hate when the glitter spill...
And the moment when you had uhu glue all over ur hand and accidentally touch the glitter :') 
I did my best and took quite some time but I did it !! 
From zero to glamour 

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