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Graduation Day

July 1, 2014
This occasion happened on 21st May 2014, but i just got the opportunity to post  now because of the right time was just happened now :p

It started at 6 pm but i got there like about 6.15 but fortunately it wasn't begin yet and i was not late :) , if i got there late, i wouldn't be able to join the first segment...

The procession was like the MC called all of us onto the stage after the sisters and our teacher gave us the medal and a rolled paper :p..

this was me :p
and sister Katarina Maria SND

with Mr. FX. Joko Sulistyo , my consoler teacher 

i smiled like the happiest girl on earth :p

i was so tired because waiting until each student got on stage and i wore like 12cms heels which was so exhausted but i could deal with it anyway hahaha

 here we are , guess where am i ??

my friends and i got into the stage to present songs that really represent our feelings about the last 3 years.. the first song was Symphony, Keep Holding On , and High School Musical with some changes 

our mommy :3

bestest friend ahaha

we felt like a celebrity for a night ;)

the cutest girl <3 p="" teyeeee="">

12 science girls with physics teacher

me with the producer of DEATHLY PHONE :)

yeah we graduated !!!

me with the flower boy aka moti :D

ignore the pimple and ignore the amateur make up result :p

who doesn't love taking selfie when girls are on make up ;p

with the lead singer !!

senior high school was awesome and unforgettable ! love all the friends , however some of them were annoying and maybe still are, hahaha but i love 12 science since we've been through a lot for the past 2,5 years . but there will be no word to describe how i missed them in the future <3 p="">
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