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Farewell Anyer : Marbella Hotel

July 12, 2014
It didn't feel like 2.5 years have passed , which i spent most of the time with my classmates. Yeah we went to Anyer beach to make a farewell and it was 4 days and 3 nights but unfortunately, 3 people weren't able to join us..

First we went at about 6 in the morning and we arrived at about 9 in Marbella hotel. The plan was we stayed at Marbella Hotel for 1 nights and we spent our 2 nights in Moti's villa.

Here's Moty's villa .. so stunning because the wall was glass !!

here was the front view of his villa, too bad that it was not a real ocean because down there all you see was rock.

and here was the swimming pool of Marbella Hotel

we spent our evening here taking photos, enjoying the wave and taking more photos haha

we love our sandals <3 p="">

the girls !! (one person was going on the next day)

best <3 p="">

room selfie !!

and finally we decided to ride the banana boat, I've never been doing banana boat before so its kind of new to me, but my friends convinced me that it would be okay and safe so i followed them and got ready for it :D

we were about to be taken to the middle of the ocean and dropped there , the driver made a sharp turn and that was the time we fell and the water came straight to my nose and it was soooooo salty and my nose hurt so bad

we were trying to look good at the camera when the truth was "our nose hurts"

it was really an incredible time + we did it with our physics teacher.. can you guess where is he ??

the next post are coming soon <3 p="">

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