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5 days passed but as if it was only a day

July 8, 2014
It didn't feel like 5 days when it was actually a short time remembering that it was our time to go home :(, i will definitely miss this moment when i spent time with my friends :'), but you heard what they said , Life must go on , right ? :D

At about 10 am in the morning , we were ready to leave the apartment but suddenly my friend, asked me to go with her to Bugis Street , which was the nearest that sells Singaporean Ice cream !! hahaha she didn't want to leave Singapore yet if she hasn't eat the 1 dollar ice cream. Because i love ice cream and of course i will go with her since we've been together since like elementary school and here are the pictures !!

yumm ...

 Strawberry cheesecake :3

 Floral Glasses  -  +Forever 21 
Black Tanks  -  PROMOD
Peach Cardigan  -  Gaudi
Blue Jeans  -  +New Look 
Maroon sneakers  -  +H&M 
Black Wallet  -  +kate spade new york 

After being satisfied by the mighty 1 dollar Singaporean Ice Cream , we went to the apartment back and we used Nia's monopod or in Indonesia we called it as Tongsis a.k.a "Tongkat Narsis" ....  

and we went to the rooftops to take some shoots there because the view was beautiful around the pool

 Bye Singapore, sure will visit you again soon ;)

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