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My Seventeen Was WHITE

January 8, 2014

hello guys..

 as i promised today i'm going to post about my seventeen birthday sooo check this out ;)

yes i'm a polaroid girl :D

 guess who picked the dress for me ? :D

 yess! she picked it for me , my super mom ... loveyou <3 p="">

my best pose is to smile :)

here's our photographer , the famous Agustina Selviana 
or if you need photographer for sweet seventeen dinner, or etc ( jakarta only)  , just contact her  on
and also you can check her photoworks too:)

sorry if i'm being too stiff in this picture, i just don't know how to move :$

give your love <3 p="">

aa love the little mannequin hihi

here are my cupcakessss :P and they've got red velvet with cream cheese and it was sooo delicious :D

look at my father's and brother lovely faces :p

girls from the my class (12 science B-) )

here are the smartest guys in school :p

my brothers are super cool even i can't resist myself from stop taking photos with them
hahaha x)

they are going to kiss me :*
or maybe they (planned and pretend to) kiss me

left to right :
Nathan Oktavian - me - Mathew Jordan

thank you for this amazing day ever <3 p="">

goodbye and wait for the next post :)


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