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Something i just didn't get a chance to post :p

August 7, 2013
hii everyone...
i'm so sorryyy i haven't post anything about a month, because i'm so busy preparing about so many things to do in such a little time but i'm doing my best to update this blog :D

here are the things i bought when i was ing Singapore on June and it was like heaven because i only went with my mom and we can shop like thousands time XP

sooo hereeeee aree the thingsss


from +Forever 21 

from +H&M and Divided by H&M

i bet you all know , its +Uniqlo 

ifrom +Zara 

these are the most adorable octopus dolls i've ever seen, i mean look at those eyes :3

soo cute :3


i'm going to puncak tomorrow to celebrate lebaran holiday, soo wait for my next post would you??

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