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March 20, 2013
ombre never stops to blown me away by its color, and technique. so here are some adorable ombre style from head to toe :D

pink and blue are gorgeous 

from eyes to lips 

denim should have its own ombre syle 

so in love with the pink

everyone stare at the yellow :o

this is adorable dress

so do these

wish i had all of them
 thinking this dress and cake to be the one for my 17 birthday :p

fork and spoon have they own style , huh??

the boy will get cool look by this outfit <3

love the maxi skirt aaaaa

i still have lots and lots of the photo here but i think this will be enough soo it never gets bored to look at em :( .
i think this will be the end so just wait for my next post :D


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